Production Services

Burnt House Productions provides on-island facilitation for any sized production company looking to film, photograph or host an event in Bermuda.

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Our team is dedicated to delivering our clients an epic product. We’ll be by your side from project start to finish – offering everything from logistical support (think: facilitating permits and organizing customs details) to location scouting and arranging your transportation, meals and accommodation. We’re a one-stop-shop to ensuring your Bermuda shoot is a massive success.

On Island Fixer

Avoid the headache that comes with trying to coordinate a shoot from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. We’ll step in as your on-island rep, working with your producer, to make the behind the scenes work as painless as possible.

On-Island Transportation

Bermuda only has one ‘For Hire’ transportation option (scooters), yet hailing taxis and mini vans can wind up costing a pretty penny. We offer competitively priced transportation solutions for crew and gear – whether on land or sea.  Our experienced drivers are familiar with on set etiquette and sensitive in handling production equipment.



No matter what your lodging style – luxury or low-cost – we’ll get you sorted. We work closely with a handful of local hotels, guest houses and our own network of family friends to ensure you’re sleeping sound and rested up for the next day’s shoot.


Let’s face it: you need the right fuel (a.k.a. great food) to do your best work. We cater to any size budget to deliver the tastiest of meals and can even vary the menu to suit your specific dietary needs.

Location Scouting

The best spots on the island aren’t always in plain sight. That’s where we come in. We can get you a jump start on the filming process by finding you the best destinations for your shoot before you arrive; alternatively, we can facilitate a personal guided tour, providing useful local knowledge on your desired location. Photos with hourly sun angles, tides, weather patterns and compass readings can also be provided on request.


Bermuda may be small, but we have a high concentration of talent. Our team includes people with killer production skills and international experience – and we’re always ready to lend a hand. Should you need DPs, Camera Operators, Sound Mixers, Gaffers, Grips, Runners, PA’s or Actors – we know the right folks to call.

Gear Rental

Traveling with heavy cases and camera gear isn’t always practical. Our company can help alleviate some of those costs – not to mention, the extra backache – by providing Cameras, Crew, Group Kits, Lights and more.  Just let us know what you need, we’re happy to provide.


Whether you’re going deep sea exploring or looking to capture Bermuda’s avid marine life, we can help. As the island’s premier underwater specialists, Burnt House Productions shoots anything from fashion and tourism to extreme wildlife videography. Our qualified divers have more than six years’ experience and can accommodate your below surface needs – whether that’s full filming or safety diving.



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Studio Services

We’re no one-trick pony. Burnt House Productions also owns a fully functional in-house studio where much of the magic happens for our video and photography projects. Available for rent on an hourly or daily basis, it’s a space for artists and everyday creatives to produce their own inspired works. We can provide basic equipment to bring your ideas to life, including: lights, cameras and white/ green screen for a backdrop.

Have a budding filmmaker or passionate photographer in your life? Why not purchase a Studio Rental Gift Certificate from us to make their day. 

Hourly Rate

Hourly Studio Rental with Lights


Hourly Studio Rental with Lights and Camera


Daily Rate

Daily Studio Rental with Lights


Daily Studio Rental with Lights and Camera